The ten meter long Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) had brought nearly seven tons of equipment into space. With the flight, the ATV program comes to an end, but the service module for the manned NASA space capsule Orion is built on its base.

At the end of his mission is European cargo spacecraft “Georges Lemaître” burns up. The loaded with waste from the space station ISS freighter had occurred on Sunday at 19.04 clock schedule in the Earth’s atmosphere, said a spokesman for the European Space Agency ESA in Darmstadt. This ends the European supply the ISS program. The supply of secure space station from now on Transportation of other nations.

The ten meter long Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) had detached itself from the ISS on Saturday and flew toward Earth. In August it had taken nearly seven tons of equipment into space . It provided hence the German astronaut Alexander Gerst water and food.

Named after the founder of the Belgian Big Bang Theory Transporter “Georges Lemaître” as had been his four predecessors built in Bremen Airbus plant. An Ariane rocket had brought him into space from Kourou in French Guiana.

With the last flight of “Georges Lemaître” the three billion dollar ATV program comes to an end. From the technical lead of the ATV but the manned NASA project will benefit MPCV Orion, such as drive, power supply and temperature control. The service module of Orion was based on the design and the experience of the ATV , had it last November when the contract was signed between Airbus and ESA was told.