With the beginning of the cease-fire in eastern Ukraine Foreign Minister Steinmeier is “generally satisfied”. But in the stabilization could be helpful in his view, a UN resolution.

Germany supports a resolution of the UN Security Council in order to consolidate the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier called on Sunday evening with a visit to Colombia for a corresponding Russian initiative: “I would consider a resolution of the Security Council for helpful This may help stabilize the situation occurred..”

At the same time he said “he was generally satisfied” about the first 24 hours of the cease-fire. As the Ukrainian presidential office announced that the participants of the Minsk crisis summit will advise on Monday to call again on further steps in the peace process.

The Russian proposal for a UN resolution is seen by countries such as the US and Britain critical. There are fears that a part of the last week made in Minsk peace agreements could thus be questioned again. As permanent members of the Security Council with veto the US and the UK could prevent a UN resolution. Behind the scenes, there are now negotiating the exact formulation.

Can occur rest

Steinmeier said: “It would now be important not to make the argument about texts in the foreground, but to signal that the international community is behind the effort to finally make peace happen.” The SPD politician also hinted that it later this week could be a further meeting of foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany.

To ceasefire Steinmeier said: “On the whole, it considers But that is no guarantee that it stays that way..” In the coming days and weeks, it will certainly be again and again “uncertainties”. What is important now, as agreed on Tuesday to begin the withdrawal of heavy weapons.

The biggest concern is the region around the town Debalzewo, where supposedly thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are surrounded. Kiev denies this. Steinmeier called, observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to gain access. Previously they would have received from the parties a “security guarantee”.

Ongoing fighting in Debalzewo

The OSCE announced on Sunday, insurgents had observers denied access by Debalzewo. In the strategically important and fiercely contested last place it was, therefore, to some violations of applicable to Sunday since the night of Saturday cease-fire.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French head of state Fran├žois Hollande and the presidents of Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko, welcomed the fact that the ceasefire is generally respected. This was announced by deputy government spokesman Georg champion on Sunday evening after a phone call to the participants of the Minsk crisis summit.

But great care prepared ongoing hostilities, in particular Debalzewo. Given the precarious situation in the field appealed UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to the conflicting parties to respect the Minsk agreements.