Jerusalem – A random, it is thanks to them that hobby divers discovered a huge about a thousand-year-old golden treasure before the Israeli coastal town of Caesarea. Nearly 2,000 coins with a total weight of nine kilos of salvaged from the old harbor. How the Israel Antiquities Authority announced on Tuesday it is the “largest ever found in Israel pot of gold”. A winter storm’ve probably churned the ocean floor and exposed the gold pieces.

Only the group of divers have thought at the flashing gold if it were game coins. “Then they gathered some copies and brought her to the diving club leader who alerted the authorities,” say representatives of the Department of Antiquities. Experts finally salvaged the rest of the coins.

Subsequent studies showed that the coins date from the time of the Fatimids. The oldest coin, a quarter dinar from Sicily, was coined in the second half of the eighth century. The majority of the treasure was somewhat later during the reign of the Fatimid caliph Al-Hakim (996-1021) and Al-Zahir (1021-1036) made in Egypt or in another region of North Africa.

The Fatimids controlled parts of the region from 909 to 1171. Marine archaeologist Kobi Scharwit of the Antiquities Authority said the treasure originated probably from a ship wreck, had the tax revenue on board. It could have traded a sunken merchant ship. Excavations on the seabed will now provide further insight. The diver who discovered the coins are likely way away empty. As a spokeswoman said authorities, no reward was provided.