For 19 years lived Sambany from Madagascar with a huge tumor on her cheek. Pain, suffering and waiting for death determined everyday life. Thanks to a charity he has now been operated on.

Jeden day Sambany waited for death. 19 years long he lived with a slow-growing tumor on his face. Pain, rejection and shame determined everyday life of the man from Madagascar. As the organization Mercy Ships reported , Sambany has now operates consuming – and his tumor is going on.

Nearly seven and a half kilos of tumor weighed at the end of overgrown many years to Sambanys face and neck. “I could physically do anything. Every day I hoped to die,” Mercy Ships quoted the 60-year-olds.

A twelve-hour operation

When he heard that the organization with their ship in Madagascar stopped off that he had made with his grandson on the way. Despite concerns of doctors and assistants he had opted for surgery: “I know that I will die without surgery,” said the organization Sambany, “I am aware that I could die during surgery, but I feel. me inside already as dead since I have experienced a lot of rejection and exclusion in recent years. ”

After twelve hours, it was done: The patient was easier to 7.5 kilos – especially a burden to him had fallen from his soul: “I feel free and I am very happy because I got a new face,” citing the organization Sambany – that should have been his first words as he looked after the surgery for the first time in the mirror.

Because he has lost a lot of blood during the surgery, he had to rely on donations – according to Mercy Ships now flows the blood of 17 people in his veins. Until he is fully recovered, he will remain on the ship. The organization is three and a half months on the coast of Madagascar.