For months, is trying to negotiate a truce for the embattled city of Aleppo. Now Syria apparently signaled a willingness to stop air strikes for six weeks.

UN has reportedly Syria agreed to stop attacks from the air to the embattled city of Aleppo for a period of six weeks. The willingness to have signaled his government in Damascus, said the UN for the country. He tried unsuccessfully for months to negotiate a truce for the northern Syrian city. In the country for almost four years raging civil war.

The time to stop the attacks of the will, set of Damascus. Also shelling wants to stop guide to President Bashar al-Assad accordingly. The UN envoy will now endeavor in talks with the government opponents to ensure that this also stop attacks.

Rebels control the east

After a march of the Syrian army rebels in Aleppo last ran the risk of being cut off from the outside world. Large sections of the city are dominated by government forces, their East is, however, under the control of rebels.

Syria’s air force continued in and around Aleppo always a barrel bombs dropped from helicopters. These have a particularly devastating effect and are internationally banned.