The US president has warned equate Islam with extremist ideologies. To counter the radicalization is not sufficient military force.

US President Barack Obama has called for a worldwide united front in the fight against violent extremism. This depends, in his opinion mainly on the support of the Muslim communities. Their leaders must do more to counter the impression that the West wants to suppress Islam, Obama said.

In particular, young Muslims are to extremist propaganda receptive which it could incite to join the extremist militia “Islamic State” in Syria or attacks at home. According to US intelligence data up to 150 Americans have tried to emigrate to Syria, in order to support the IS. “We need to find new ways to strengthen the voices of peace, tolerance and inclusion,” Obama said, “and we must make the most online.”

The US president warned against the demonization of Islam. He should not be equated with extremism. “The extremists do not speak for a billion Muslims,” ‚Äč‚ÄčObama said. Religion is not responsible for violence and terrorism, Obama said. Therefore, the United States should not go to war against Islam, but against those who perverted the religion. The IS-fighters and Al-Qaeda are not religious leader, but extremists, Obama added. He also campaigned for a strengthening of tolerance in the US and abroad.

The President said that military force alone was the problem can not be solved. “We need to discredit these ideologies,” demanded the President. Family, friends, teachers and clergy would counteract radicalization. In addition, the economic and political problems need to be addressed, which would be exploited by terrorist groups. Furthermore, it was important to improve education. “If young people have no education, they are more prone to conspiracy theories and radical ideas , “the US president said.

Conference against violent extremism

Obama spoke at a summit against violent extremism. At the three-day conference, the White House policeman Muslim dignitaries and politicians has loaded. The focus is on national and global efforts against terrorism and the question of how the radicalization and recruitment of young people can be prevented.

Background are recent terrorist attacks in Western cities such as Ottawa, Sydney and Paris. After the terrorist attacks in the French capital last month, US hardliners of the Obama administration had accused express no opinion on the debate regarding the alleged connection between Islam and terrorism, and instead to give priority to political correctness.