Throughout China celebrates the Chinese New Year. The new year is in zodiac goat million people travel to the parties in their home villages.

The scenes are repeated every night. To 19 clock show China’s CCTV main news on prime-time images of the gigantic travel wave, which is on the way to the Chinese New Year. Spokesman Xu Chengguang by the Ministry of Transport expects a record 2.8 billion home travel during nearly six weeks lasting “traffic” phase. The Xinhua News Agency calls it the “largest emigration in the world”.

From the crowd at the stations, the TV reporter young travelers to get interviews. In five stations of the state’s national broadcaster, temporary television studio has built. You bear the inscription “Spring Festival Bar” and look like big red phone boxes: In front of the cameras in the first fetched respondents wish all Chinese happiness and peace to the largest family festival in the country. Then she burst into tears because they go only once a year home. They confess their guilt, have not visited their parents for so long.

With its small daily emotional talk of the state broadcaster makes the nation on his “big show” tune. On Wednesday evening, the four and a half hour CCTV New Year’s Gala, which lasts until shortly after midnight, when all with deafening fireworks New Year’s entry in the zodiac of “Yang”, sheep or goat, celebrate begins. Since 1983, the television festival accompanies every New Year’s Eve.

The program consists of a pompous potpourri with patriotic songs and dances, magic tricks, acrobatics, slapstick and harmless cabaret. It has not changed much through the years. Nevertheless, expect CCTV rating expert that more than 900 million Chinese the “largest family entertainment in the world” will watch that would be about 70 percent of the population. Before the Beijing correspondent said CCTV CEO Ma Runsheng: “Our Gala is simply a must.”

However, in many parlors in the country the show only runs as a background for the Essgelagen, the mahjong or card games that define the New Year’s Eve in the family. Year after year, the public criticism of the staged under the strict control of the Communist Party propaganda chiefs spectacle becomes louder. But ideology and conservative taste put the makers of the Gala limits. Nevertheless, should bear “cultural soft power” in the world the show in China.

CCTV will translate excerpts of the program under the motto “A Gala for the World” in several languages, including German. At the same time, millions are living abroad Chinese can see on the internet platforms live. For CCTV also uses YouTube, Google and Twitter, their use is grotesquely blocked within China by the censors.

Beijing has a special gala prepared, which will help to revive old Confucian values, especially the awesome worship of the parents again. The show is under the theme: “harmony in the family can succeed in anything.” Harmonious is to run in the zodiac sign of “Yang” and the New Year. A Goat, so says the Beijing-based Daoistenmeister Li Daozhang, will be a good one, but leisurely year. Slower it will also in the economy going and growth, with fewer ups and downs than the previous year, the impetuous horse.