Google Glass to change the world, it was initially nothing. Apple, however, was not to emphasize glasses, but developed the soon to be released Apple Watch.

Google’s smart glasses Glass imagined, was the art-world head. All were sure: this is the next big thing. Everyone in the industry that wanted to be let himself be photographed wearing the glass. Under normal people although there was curiosity, enthusiasm is not shared by most but. Lately, hardly anyone spoke of Glass – many written off his glasses . Instead, all of a sudden is another wearable on everyone’s lips: Apple’s smart clock Apple Watch. The reason is the different design philosophy of the Group of Cupertino.

In a detailed portrait of Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive in the magazine “The New Yorker and the thought processes behind Apple’s new flagship product will be illuminated. So will Apple Boss Tim Cook from the beginning have known that Glass flops. The reason he sees the invasive Design of glasses: It is located between the carrier and its counterpart and so always pushes itself into the foreground makes the wearer gives further and thus less sympathetic Cook believes that no one wants to wear such glasses Considering that… is “Glass Hole” has spread to the wearer of the spectacles of the term, he may be right, however, Watch The Apple should keep in the background -.. and ultimately be unobtrusive “The face is the wrong place”, Jonathan Ive.