A Los Angeles hospital may have infected 200 people with a bacterium resistant to the most powerful antibiotics.

Panic at the Ronald Reagan Hospital in Los Angeles (USA). Nearly 200 people may have been infected with a superbug resistant to carbapenems, the most powerful antibiotics. 7 infections, 2 deaths Medical teams are “179 to inform patients that they may have been infected [that] “superbug”, “it said in a statement. At issue: surgical instruments poorly sanitized “during an endoscopy complex procedure between October 3 and 28 January.” Since then, seven patients were infected with these instruments; two died.

This bacteria is of particular danger to a hospital, where patients have depressed immune systems. The establishment conducting an investigation to determine how it could contaminate surgical instruments used for endoscopic procedures to diagnose or treat pancreas or gallbladder disease. An investigation launched According to the release, the medical teams had however “sterilized according to the procedures specified by the manufacturer.” “Exposures to such bacteria using the same type of endoscopy equipment have already been observed elsewhere in the United States,” reported the hospital. Hotel officials have indicated that they will provide kits home testing for patients who could potentially be contaminated with the superbug.