Baghdad – A double bombing killed at least 22 dead and 43 wounded Tuesday in a suburb of Baghdad, said sources within the security services.

At least one of the two explosions, which occurred in the main street of Jisr Diyala (southeast of the capital), was caused by a car bomb, said a source at the Interior Ministry .

Police said the bombs exploded near a fire station, while a group of young men were leaving a nearby football field.

The record was confirmed by medical sources.

The capital itself, as well as northern Iraq and the regions south of Baghdad have also been affected by the violence Tuesday. Nine people were killed in attacks in the ways of a car bomb, handicrafts gear or magnetic bombs.

At least 32 people were killed in attacks in Baghdad on 8 February. The attacks are less frequent there for a few months, while the anti-jihadist forces have made progress against the Islamic state extremist group that controls parts of northern and western Iraq.