Mark Zuckerberg plans to build a city designed to accommodate its 10,000 employees in San Francisco. A project to $ 200 billion that would be led by the architect Frank Gehry.

“Welcome to Facebook City! “As the Daily Mail. As reported in the Anglo-Saxon press, the founder of the famous social network Mark Zuckerberg plans to build a small town close to the Facebook headquarters to accommodate its 10,000 employees.

Called “Zee-town”, the installation will have everything a real city with roads, supermarkets, hotels and villas designed for executives sup and dormitories for trainees. The project, whose budget would total nearly $ 200 billion, would be led by Frank Gehry, the architect of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. He reportedly instructed to create buildings in harmony with their natural environment, including green roofs giving the impression of a “green hill” according to the Daily Mail.

This city would take up on a plot of 80.9 acres along its Menlo Park campus in California. Facebook recently spent $ 400 million to acquire an industrial site near its offices in anticipation of this project.

Community integration

Critics point out that Facebook employees would be forced to go to work by car, which is contrary to the environmental ethics of the company. The social network denies promising to develop alternative means of transport.

“We can not just build a corporate campus, it must be integrated into the community,” said this week the head of the estate of Facebook, John Tenanes. In fact, the city project developed by Facebook aims to provide its employees with equivalent quality to what they can find in San Francisco while strengthening the corporate culture.

Mark Zuckerberg himself has a home to 10 million just 20 minutes from the headquarters of his company, said the Daily Mail.