New look for Twitter? According to industry rumors of Short Message Service is planning a radical overhaul. In order to find their way users better, the new site will be structured as a grid.

Twitter boss Dick Costolo is under pressure. His short message service accounts for almost one and a half years after the hyped IPO still high losses .

At the same time the number of users grow slowly. One reason seems to be that many new users simply lost on the Twitter page and give up in exasperation.

Costolo has announced several times in the past few months, the use of intelligence should be easier. Concrete, there was little to far.

As the magazine “TechCrunch” reports now , the news service will give this year a new design. It would be the first really big relaunch of the website, which went online in 2006.

Organized like a grid

During the rival Facebook ‘s side constantly overtaken adapts and adds new features, has at is not much done. The site is not much more than a long, continuously updated list of tweets from people in chronological order.

About a search can find entries on specific topics, but in principle everything runs pretty disorganized into the page. Instead of listing of the new tweets twitter page should be structured as a grid. Twitter had presented a prototype of this page some time ago.

The tweets are sorted as on a desktop in various upper points: general news sources, business news, tweets by politicians and parties, sports news, tweets entertainment programs, as well as videos or games may be possible groups.

Algorithm to sort the tweets

For new users it should be easier to find your way in the welter of information. For this reason, tests and Twitter just individual home pages for its users, in which an algorithm tweets sorted by relevance. Facebook has been doing this a long time for its users.

In an interview with “TechCrunch” admitted Twitters chief engineer Alex Roetter for occasional users it was previously often impossible to find the relevant news itself. Twitter had since done more. The information is all there, it’s just not easy to find them.

He was awakened by an earthquake in the night a while ago. “In Twitter there was the earthquake half an hour earlier information before they appeared in news sites,” says Roetter. But it was not even easy for him to find these messages.

In the future, should be different. “My phone is to send me the right of self tweets that are personally interesting to me.” How exactly should go, he did not betray. But 2015 is also still young.