Google Android launch Pay at the next I / O


Google is preparing to launch a new payment method modeled on Apple Pay. The announcement should be made ​​at the next conference Google I / O scheduled for 28 and 29 May 2015, the name of the API. Android Pay

It is a source familiar with the matter , as we say in our jargon, who gave the information to Ars Technica. The new API called Android Pay must accept contactless payments in stores but also domestic trade within the third-party applications, such as with competitor Apple Pay. System Android Pay is not meant to bury the old Google Wallet system set up in 2011. No. However, the new Pay Android API will be entirely designed around the Host Card Emulation architecture natively supported by Android 4.4. The idea is to extend the scope of its contactless payment solution via NFC. At present, Google Wallet provides security of its transactions using the secure element that is the SIM card. The problem is that this system involves cooperation with mobile operators, a technical intermediary who proves to be a hindrance to the development of Wallet.

hat’s why Google wants to build its new API around the HCE, a system in software that emulates the secure element, thus allowing all Android smartphones Kitkat and to communicate with NFC contactless payment terminals. This is regardless of the telephone operator. Developers will be able to more easily exploit the contactless NFC payment in their third-party applications. Google has not yet well defined partner on this project. And competition to face: Pay Apple, Samsung ( who just bought LoopPay ) or MasterCard (recently adopted HCE solution for NFC mobile payments). But Android Pay should allow Wallet users to easily link their accounts, the second being supported by the former. Redemption and there are three days of SoftCard competing technology shows that Google is determined to weigh in contactless payment universe.