Washington – The US telecoms regulator (FCC) on Thursday passed a controversial new regulations to prevent the emergence of a two-speed internet, where some online services would be favored over others.

The president of the US telecoms regulator, Tom Wheeler, at a hearing on the topic of net neutrality, February 26, 2015 in Washington
afp.com/Mandel Ngan
The commissioners of the FCC adopted by three votes against two such rules that prohibit including internet service providers to slow or block some legal content or online services, or to provide a faster connection to some of them a fee.

The controller is attempting to ensure the ” neutrality “of the Internet, a principle that is controversial in the United States and in other countries and is based on the same web access for all.

A previous FCC regulation to this effect was canceled a year ago by the court following an appeal of the heavy weight of the Verizon phone, and the new project has also provoked intense debate.

” The Internet is the ultimate tool of freedom of expression “and it” is too important to allow broadband providers to set the rules , “further argued before the vote on Thursday, FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler.

One of the two commissioners opposed, Ajit Pai, has instead spoke of ” a monumental shift to an Internet government control . ”

– Ancient regulation ‘-

The new rules are based on a reclassification of access to high speed internet, whether fixed or mobile, as a public service, in the same way as water or electricity.

The FCC considers therefore have the right to monitor the practices of ISPs based on a telecoms law of 1934.

Mr. Wheeler promised not to use all the provisions of this law, including ensuring that the FCC would not attempt to regulate the rates charged.

But many ISPs like AT & T, Verizon or Comcast felt that using such an old law would result in hardship regulation and many of them have threatened to launch new legal remedies.

The new rules ” will weigh internet broadband services with ancient evil and regulations “designed” in the era of the steam engine and the telegraph “, immediately criticized Verizon said in a statement whose first version was released in morse … before giving way to another version seems to have been typed on a typewriter.

The group accuses the FCC want to ” change the way the internet works since its creation , “saying that it is the lack of regulation in recent years which has enabled investments that led to the deployment of broadband networks.

He warned against ” unintended negative consequences for consumers and various parts of the ecosystem of the internet . ”

The Republican opposition that could attempt to use its majority in Congress to overturn the new rules, the FCC also accused of having yielded to pressure from the White House, after a plea of Barack Obama in November for a ” free and open internet . ”

The US president on Thursday welcomed the FCC decision, saying it ” will protect innovation and create a level playing field for all for the next generation of entrepreneurs . ”

The industry association CCIA, which has members in technology giants like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google or Microsoft, also referred to ” a historic day “.

” Internet users have guarantees that they can continue to access all applications, online sites and services that exist, as well as those who are still developing in the basement of someone or a dormitory ” students, she commented in a statement.

” This means that the Internet will not be like the cable service (television), where the provider decides that the package gets and what we can see , “added Harold Feld, association Consumer Public Knowledge.

Erik Stallman, the Center for Democracy and Technology, said for his part that the FCC preserved ” the principle of non-discrimination that has been essential to the Internet evolution, as well as engine power economic growth and democratic debate . ”