New Delhi. The Finance Minister has presented the Budget in the Lok Sabha, Arun Jaitley. Jaitley budgets are now presented. Jaitley’s speech read one thing:

– For female security Nirbya 1,000 crore fund
– Keeping the gold will return the money
– Employees will have the option of choosing the EPF or APF
– Next year will be the seventh Pay Commission recommendations
– Ashok Chakra mark gold coins will be issued
– Separate committee formed to control inflation
– Direct tax system aims to
– 10,000 crore budgetary support for Railways
– 5 ultra mega power project will
– The holding 5,000 million and allowing market
– Child Development Scheme Rs 1,500 crore
– PM 1,000 crore for irrigation scheme
– Forward Markets Commission will merge with SEBI
– Up to 1 thousand million bridge project
– Poor unclaimed funds used for the EPF-PPF
– Policy Commission Rs 1
– AB Nvonves plan will be introduced, will be 150 million
– For rail and road tax-free infrastructure bonds
– New floor plan for minority youth
– Five years the government will be Rs 1
– A thousand bucks employee pension plan will
– Atal government pension scheme will Rs 1
– AB pension scheme will be introduced, the government will provide 50 per cent
– 12 Rs 2 lakh per annum Premier Insurance
– Jndn 2 million accident insurance scheme
– Each citizen will cover
– PM security insurance scheme will
– The government’s three largest public-funding scheme accomplishments- 1. 2. transparent coal block auction 3lswchc India Campaign
– 50 million toilets have been constructed
– Our goal is to make 6 million toilet
– Subsidies for delivering access JAM
– All plans should be concentrated poverty
– By 2022, a target of 2 million home
– Growth target of 8 per cent in 2015-16
– One of the villages and towns such as communication system
– Make India a target of creating new industries
– Agricultural products pay a better price
– The goal of creating a hospital in every village
– A job to every home by 2022
– Add to electricity to all villages by 2022
– The government awarded certificate and cash 1. GST reform three economic reform plan 3ladhar card
– 1 million km. The goal of the road
– Need to invest in infrastructure
– Not that eliminate the need to reduce subsidies to
– 11 million cash subsidized LPG consumers
– MP voluntarily leave LPG subsidy
– Subsidies given to them who need it
– Receive 62 per cent of revenues to the states
– 25 thousand crore for rural development fund
– Agricultural loans will help farmers
– 34 thousand 699 million allocated for holding
– 5300 crore for Micro Irrigation
– Banking Venture will use the postal network
– 20 thousand crore for SSI
– Budget people expect better days
– India’s economy is set to grow fast
– Enhanced challenge facing the country is
– Trying to make partner states
– Investors rely on us was over
– Investors are looking with hope
– Low inflation, rupee strengthened
– Poor growth target of
– Foreign exchange reserves of $ 340 billion
– The government increased the investment climate
– Current account deficit is expected to be less than 1.3 per cent

Modi government’s blueprint

Delivering double-digit growth in the budget of the Modi government is seen as the blueprint. The survey also found indications of tomorrow are presented. The budget is hopeful that when people practice the job bundle Jaitley gift of relief for them to be open.
With an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha elections, the NDA government’s first full budget will be presented today. Jaitley whammy of inflation salaried people will people Income tax relief.

Last week it was revealed that in a survey of the chamber that people seek relief in income tax. At the moment no tax on income of Rs two and a half million to invest under different streams are exempt many.

Now it is believed that half of home loan interest exemption limit can be increased to two million. Decrease in interest on loans for low-cost homes possible addition housewives coming in everyday use are hoping that the government will cut the price of things.
Central government policies recently announced by two thousand twenty-two after all the promises of the house is believed to be the reality of the budget to strengthen the sector can finance minister announced several new initiatives.

Narendra Modi’s intention to strengthen Infrastrcture Pradanmntri to strengthen the emphasis on the budget plan would be smart city. According to sources at the Finance Ministry to develop smart city in twelve cities, the amount of fifty thousand million allocation can declare. Also over two thousand sixteen applicable GST Honelale government might offer a blueprint.