An American study, generic brands of tablet computers are selling much better than the great precursors such as Apple and rival Samsung . And because these brands offer tablets certainly lower quality but much cheaper.

Thus, this tablet category is the largest market with 70 million units shipped worldwide. Customers would be more interested in a more affordable rather than over-equipped tablets from Apple and Samsung. Besides these brands have a much better reputation in emerging markets.

Despite being behind these brands, Apple and Samsung still carve a good share of this market with 26% and 17% .In contrast, like Apple and its recent iPad Air 2 the shelves of the two brands tend to falter. Last year, sales of mobile tablets continued to grow, but with an increase of only 8%.

Apple in particular is confronted with tablets struggling to renew itself, but also because of smartphones with screens larger and larger. Finally, “phablettes” also scrounged in the market for tablet computers.

According to analysts, the year 2015 is expected to be sluggish for the tablet market, again with a small increase. However, they agree that the year 2016 should be much better, with better advanced techniques.