This major opposition figure was murdered Friday night a few meters from the Kremlin.

The Russian opponent and former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov was shot dead in central Moscow in front of the Kremlin in the night from Friday to Saturday, “a murder that has everything a provocation,” according to the president Vladimir Putin. Boris Nemtsov was an outspoken critic of the Russian involvement in the conflict in Ukraine . The opposition plans a march Sunday in Moscow.

Gunshots in the back. Boris Nemtsov was shot Friday night in the center of Moscow, a few meters from the Kremlin. Aged 55, Boris Nemtsov received four shots Inthe back, fired from a white car who then fled, said the Interior Ministry spokesman .A police added i ltraversait a bridge across the Moscow River in the company of a Ukrainian woman, the latter was not hurt. Police cars blocked the access to the bridge, located not far from the red walls of the Kremlin and Red Square.

The most important assassination of the Putin era. Boris Nemtsov is, by far, the figure of the most prominent opposition murdered since the arrival in power, are 15 years of Vladimir Putin. The Russian president was quick to condemn the murder of Boris Nemtsov, adding that he placed the investigation under his command etsuggérant he could be a “contract” and a “provocation” just before a large opposition demonstration that was to lead the victim Sunday in Moscow. But the assassination of Boris Nemtsov emphasizes the pressures on political opponents since the start of the third presidential term of Vladimir Putin, including the imprisonment of some of them after widespread protests against the Kremlin occurred there three years.

Other opposition leaders have fled lepays. “He was killed for telling the truth.” “That a leader of the opposition to be shot next to the walls of the Kremlin beyond imagination There is only one possible explanation. It was killed for telling the truth, “said Mikhail Kasyanov, another opposition leader. Boris Nemtsov said he was apparently concerned that the Russian president wished perhaps his death because of his opposition to the conflict raging in eastern Ukraine. A march was precisely scheduled for Sunday to protest against the conflict in Ukraine, which saw pro-Russian rebels seize large territories in the region. The organizers of the march, Boris Nemtsov was preparing for weeks, wondering whether to maintain unchanged the event or turn it into a mourning ceremony in the center of Moscow.

The indignant international community. US President Barack Obama condemned the “brutal murder” of the Russian opposition, calling in a statement, Moscow to conduct “quick impartial and transparent investigation” and ensure that “those responsible brought to justice. ” “Boris Nemtsov was a tireless advocate of his country, wishing for his fellow Russian rights to which toutepersonne entitled” says Barack Obama, who has shown trèscritique against Putin because of enUkraine crisis.
Francois Hollande on Saturday denounced the “heinous murder” of the opponent and former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov, saluting the memory of a “courageous and tireless defender of democracy.”

A fierce opponent of Putin. Like other members of the opposition, Boris Nemtsov was also left in the fight against corruption. In previous reports, he had denounced the cost of pharaonic Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and listed the many public buildings, helicopters and aircraft available Poutine.Boris Vladimir Nemtsov had been at the head of large movements of protest that took place during the winter of 2011-2012, the liveliest protest since Putin came to power in 2000. In the late 1990s, Boris Nemtsov was briefly deputy prime minister in the chair Boris Yeltsin. His liberal reformer reputation dates back to that time.