After the march in Moscow in honor of Boris Nemtsov, Russian justice promises to explore all avenues in the investigation, while the pressure is intense on the authorities. Opponents of Vladimir Putin denounced a political assassination, while the United States requests an investigation “credible”.

Why Boris Nemtsov he was murdered Friday night, four times in the back , a few dozen meters from the Kremlin and the man he was fighting as Vladimir Putin? This question is on everyone’s lips for three days, and the march in honor of the charismatic opponent this Sunday in Moscow has only added to the questions. His companions of the opposition are certain: the mobile can only be political. Among the most mentioned tracks, those that lead to the struggle against the war in Ukraine. According to his friends, he was in the process of compiling evidence of the involvement of the Russian army in eastern Ukraine. The last fight of a man who has conducted many against the Russian government.

However, the Russian authorities, they officially want to keep all the doors open. The Moscow Investigative Committee said Sunday that the killing of Nemtsov had in any case been ” carefully planned “. Maybe is it the result of threats that the opponent had received following the attacks in Paris, and his open support to Charlie Hebdo … The fact is that on Friday, Vladimir Putin promised to punish the guilty: ” Everything will be done to the organizers and perpetrators of this cowardly and cynical crime receive the punishment they deserve . ”
The United States put pressure

Moscow police, conducting the investigation, announced offer a bonus of three million rubles (45,000 euros) for information leading to further investigation, which could last several months, given the tension surrounding the case. Many opponents, former companions Nemtsov, make no faith in the justice of Vladimir Putin. Internationally, the pressure has intensified throughout the weekend, key executives demanding a strong and impartial investigation. In Paris Sunday, the association Liberties Russia mobilized several dozen people in front of the Fountain of the Innocents, calling for an international investigation, as explained by its president Alexis Prokopiev.