Jet fuel (ATF) price today increased 8.2 per cent. The gas cylinder without the subsidy has also been costly Rupees. Rise in international crude oil prices has been done keeping in mind.

ATF price in Delhi Rs 3849.97 per kiloliter to Rs 50 363 per kiloliter, or 8.2 per cent has increased. Petroleum companies announced on Sunday. August before the hike in fuel prices were cut seven times. The last time a February 5909.9 per kiloliter of ATF or reduced price was 11.27 per cent. Today, before the rise of August 2014 seven times in ATF prices cut by 33 per cent or was Rs 23648.73.

Today, despite the increase in jet fuel prices in February, the lowest level since 2011. Part of an airline’s operating costs ATF sits 40 per cent. ATF prices did not immediately respond to a missed flight.

At the same time, oil companies without Delhi prices of subsidized LPG or cooking gas cylinder to raise Rs 610 crore has been. If the price of LPG subsidy of Rs 417 in Delhi. Before February with 14.2 kg LPG cylinder prices without the subsidy was cut by Rs 103.5.