UNITED STATES – Violent altercation between a man and several police officers in the poor neighborhood of Skid Row, near the city center.

The circumstances of the shooting took place were not very clear in the immediate, but the video shows a man very agitated face of police who are trying to master it.

“Let go of the gun,” one hears screaming in the video before the shots rang several onlookers and do not call for help.

The Los Angeles Police made no immediate comment, but local media said at least one police officer opened fire.

Shortly after the shooting, the man was pronounced dead in a hospital where he was taken, said police spokesman at the Los Angeles Times.

Many pensions and services for the homeless in the region are located in Skid Row and some homeless people have set up tents on the sidewalks of the neighborhood.

The police intervened to burglary and according to witnesses, the victim was fighting with someone in his tent, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The distribution of this video comes after several cases of blacks killed by white police officers who have reignited the debate about racism in the police and the fairness of the judicial system and caused the end of 2014 demonstrations.

Local television reported that tensions remained very strong in the area for several hours after the incident.

The video also shows a policeman beating a woman who had just picked up a baton fell to the ground face up to the officials.