Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta burned Tuesday to Nairobi National Park 15 tonnes of ivory. Kenya is an important point of passage of ivory from Africa to the West and especially in Asia.

This is the first time a Kenyan authority set fire on such an important cargo of ivory, recognized defenders elephant activity in Kenya and East Africa. But the Kenyan president promised to destroy all stocks of ivory tusks were seized in his country. This stock may be a hundred tons. And President Kenyatta Account burn by the end of this year.

By putting the stake on 15 tons of ivory to destroy Kenyan President lamented the fact that the fight against poaching of elephants did not bring enough results. “Today it is urgent to step up fight against crimes against nature,” he has said, adding that “poachers and those who finance them do not have the last word.”

Doing so on the occasion of the World Day of wildlife, President Uhuru Kenyatta was very committed in the fight against poaching of elephants. In Kenya, hundreds of elephants are slaughtered each year. The price of ivory on the international market, especially in China climbed almost every day. Currently, the pound is trading at 2100 dollars. Amount incinerated Tuesday represents $ 30 million. The head of the Kenyan government wants to preserve the elephants to enable the next generation “can enjoy the majesty and beauty of these animals.”