Moscow – Now speaks Alexei Kudrin, the former Minister of Finance. “We are now witnessing such as lead balls are an argument against adversaries.” The crowd in the darkened hall of the Moscow Sakharov center is silent, the dead Boris Nemtsov is under a white silk scarf in the coffin. A young, beautiful woman in black mourning cloth laid her hand on his chest, as if to reassure him. Nemtsov daughter Janna.

Yesterday, the opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was buried at the Moscow Trojekurowski Cemetery. Nemtsov was Friday night shot dead by unknown on the Grand Kremlin bridge in the center of Moscow, his death has divided the Russian public.

The opposition accused the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his followers, however, talk of a “provocation murder” and suggest Western intelligence agencies, the Ukrainians or even the Russian opposition even after the fact. And while most EU ambassadors attended the farewell ceremony came just two Russian Cabinet Members: Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and Agriculture Minister Nikolai Fyodorov.

800 meters from the coffin at the end of thousands of people counting queue on the Semljany whale, are the businessman Valeri Yashin and his wife. “We are here because Nemtsov was our brother,” said Yashin. “He’s like we believed in freedom.” Nemtsov was like a cowardly, fascist murder victim. “The German 1933. In Russia repeatedly Fascism celebrates its rebirth.”

The snake is much discussed, but everybody plays by the very Russian rule to speak only good of the dead. This Nemtsov was not a saint. In 2007 he published his book “Confession of a rebel,” in which describes, among other things, how he abspeckte with a friend in a southern German clinic, “not too expensive, but with rooms like a 5-star hotel”. And how much they prevented the two girls in their diet that they had brought to amuse themselves. The FR Nemtsov said once sheepishly: “The book I probably would not have written better.”