A threatening message calling for attacks the company and its co-founder, Jack Dorsey, emerged Sunday on networks after deleting many accounts affiliated jihadist group.

The face of the co-founder of Twitter circled in red in the sights of a gun. This image shows an explicit text threats against Jack Dorsey, relayed since Sunday on the microblogging site by individuals accounts claiming the organization Islamic State (EI). The reason? Twitter has recently conducted a new campaign of suppression affiliate accounts for IR or advocating. In retaliation, the unidentified author of these threats calls for attacks against the company, its interests and its employees.

“Virtual war” against “real war”. “The virtual war that you are conducting against us will earn you a real war,” and can be read in the threatening message in Arabic, backed by the US site Buzzfeed . “We tell you from the beginning that this is not your war, but you do not understand and continue to close our accounts on Twitter. We always manage to come back and very quickly. When our lone wolves go off it you forever there will be no return, “yet it said.

“We can not say that the EI threat officially Twitter” For the journalist and expert on jihadist movements David Thomson , the extent of sharing this message indicates that you should not take lightly the text. “These are serious threats to the extent that many Twitter accounts of followers of the Islamic State have posted photos, montages, threats,” he says at the microphone Europe 1.

However, this sum does not emanate from a formal communication channel of the jihadist organization. “These are not official threats to the extent that they do not come from an official media arm of the Islamic state. So we can not say that the threat Islamic State officially kill the leaders of Twitter” concludes David Thomson.

Twitter launches investigation. For its part, Twitter has just responded Monday by announcing have launched an investigation with the US authorities about these threats “Our security team investigating the veracity of these threats, with the competent authorities,” says the company by news channel.