The Government of the West want to lift sanctions against Russia until the Minsk peace agreement for the Donbass is fully implemented. This is what German Chancellor Angela Merkel, US President agreed Barack Obama and other leading Western politicians during a video conference. In the case of a renewed escalation of fighting they were prepared also to other penalties.

In addition to Merkel and French President Obama took Fran├žois Hollande , British Prime Minister David Cameron , Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and European Council President Donald Tusk part.
According to the US Office of the President, the Government agreed to the fact that observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe ( OSCE to strengthen). Together, the countries also take prompt action, there should be serious violations of the Minsk agreements or should the Russian-backed separatists seeking new territorial gains.

Fragile Truce

The situation in the crisis country remains uneasy: Three soldiers recently died in the conflict zone . The Ukrainian military accused the pro-Russian rebels then present a serious breach of the ceasefire. Nine other soldiers were wounded, said Andrei Lysenko by the Security Council in Kiev. The rebels denied the charges. The “people’s militia” only react to “provocations” the army said a spokesman.

With the implementation of Minsk Agreement had been started in the last week: Government units covered by its own account in the disturbed region all large-caliber artillery weapons from. Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak but threatened to bring the war machine back in position, if the situation is not completely calm.
In addition, the Ukrainian president called Petro Poroshenko a commission to amend the Constitution. Thus, the regions may in future get more of their own rights. Also, this reform is part of the agreements that had been reached in negotiations in the Belarusian capital Minsk on 12 February.

Merkel and Obama see in the development of the crisis also encouraging signs, it said on the video conference: “The recent positive developments were honored”, said the federal government. Agreement had also consisted in that Ukraine must be supported in the current situation financially and through intensive counseling. This should be accompanied by a corresponding willingness of Ukraine to reform.