Bangalore, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will be arriving shortly in Bangalore. There are many arrangements of their treatment has been completed. Babina doctor will treat Nand Kumar. He told me to come here before Chief Kejriwal, then the treatment will be to treat the cough that will lead them to continue.

He said the last time he was here, he was not complaining of chronic cough. He was the only sugar. He coughs before overcoming a detoxification may need to be. He also here for the release of their cough will have all those things even further.

Arvind Kejriwal UP before the morning from his home in Kaushambi were left for the airport, where he took a flight to Bangalore. Bangalore to tell that they are treating their sugar. There will be treated through natural healing. Jindal Nature Care Institute shall be there for ten days. The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia see full functioning of government.

The election is coming from Kejriwal regular cough, cough, for which he was also speaking to the polls in Delhi after the party a huge success, so he went to meet the prime minister When asked about his cough. PM had suggested the name of Bangalore, a doctor.