Tobacco much more dangerous than we think and mortality of smokers would be underestimated by 17%.

The researchers, who observed a sample of nearly one million people smoking for ten years, would even, according to Le Figaro , identified 15 causes of premature death related to smoking , in addition to those already identified. Fifteen diseases for which tobacco is an aggravating factor in addition to the list of 21 diseases whose links with cigarette smoking are established (cancers of the lung, pancreas, bladder, esophagus, diabetes, etc. ).

Renal failure and clogged arteries

The risk of dying from kidney failure or hypertensive heart disease is thus doubled in smokers and the risk of intestinal ischemia (obstruction of the arteries of the digestive tract, Ed) by six. Furthermore, the risk of dying from breast cancer increases 30% in smokers , while the probability of dying from prostate cancer increases by 43% in men. Not to mention that 75% of laryngeal cancers and 50% of bladder cancers would ultimately attributable to tobacco. Which is also involved in the development of liver cancer, pancreas, stomach, cervix, ovary, etc.

According to Catherine Hill, an epidemiologist at the Institut Gustave-Roussy, smoking is responsible for 78,000 deaths per year in France . “But if the results of this study are confirmed, it would inflate the figure of about 15%,” she believes in the columns of Figaro . In the United States, 60,000 deaths should be added to 437,000 Listed every year.