To fight especially against obesity and tooth decay, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended Wednesday to limit the intake of free sugars or hidden in products such as ketchup or sugary soft drinks in adults and children.

For WHO, these sugars should represent only 10% of the daily energy intake of the population at all ages.This 10% represent the equivalent of 50 grams of sugar or 12 teaspoons.WHO points out that much of the sugar consumed today are “hidden” in foods that are not considered as sweets.

One tablespoon of ketchup is 4 grams of hidden sugar. And sweet soda can contain up to 40 grams of hidden sugar, 10 teaspoons. If the daily consumption of hidden sugar drops below the rate of 5%, it would be even better for the health of consumers, says WHO.

Specifically, better food labeling, showing the content of hidden sugars, can reduce this consumption, according to WHO. In addition, there would be fewer “advertising campaigns with children targets for food or soft drinks high in sugar hidden.”

WHO also recommends to its members “to engage in dialogue with the food industries to reduce the hidden sugars in the composition of their products.”