Dimapur. Dimapur in Nagaland crowd of thousands of people killed out of jail accused of rape. Police fire made ​​to control the crowd. The 20 people were injured. The incident occurred on Thursday in the mob set fire to police cars have several. The situation remains tense after the incident in Dimapur. The crowd, which was accused of killing a resident of Assam. After the rape incident, the local people angry towards people from other states has increased significantly during the last procession of traders from outside the 20 shops were burned.

Then the crowd surged towards Dimapur central prison and jail accused of attacking pulled out there. Shackled and dragged her scooter was severely beaten by a crossroads. The police tried to protect the accused, but of course it was too crowded. Somehow accused were brought to the hospital. But he was dead. Sources said that the crowd wanted to hang at the intersection of the accused. But he failed to do so. Police are investigating the case and it is feared that some prisoners in jail and escape the crowds were attacked.

Syed Farid Khan is the name of the accused told police. He was the second car dealer. Khan Assam came here and was originally a citizen of Bangladesh. 23 Feb,on charges that he is a Naga girl was raped several times. The police had arrested him after the incident to people from other states Dimapur was extremely angry locals. Dimapur SP Meren Jamir said Thursday before the people so angry marches and traders from other states during the nearly 20 shops were set on fire. Then the crowd reached the municipal office and demanded that he do business in Dimapur Muslims all Banglabhashi trade license should be revoked.