Harrison Ford was the victim Thursday near Los Angeles, a crash aboard the small plane he was piloting. According to his family, the American actor is only slightly injured and is expected to recover completely.

More fear than harm for Harrison Ford . US actor had to ask his plane disaster on a golf course due to an engine failure shortly after taking off from nearby Santa Monica Airport. The website TMZ , specializing in news of the stars, announced that the star of 72 years had several head injuries. He was hospitalized in an establishment of Venice, West Los Angeles.

Ina Treciokas, Press the star of Star Wars and Indiana Jones , has, too, been very reassuring. “He was very messed up and is now in hospital receiving treatment. The injuries he suffered not put his life in danger, and he is expected to recover completely,” she said. A spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department, Patrick Butler, said one person was on board the plane, but he refused to confirm that it was of Harrison Ford , as statutorily required does not disclose the names of patients. Patrick Butler said the victim was “conscious” and was breathing when rescuers took her to the hospital. As for the son of the star, he tweeted: “At the hospital Dad goes is banged up, but it will is exactly the man we imagine it is incredibly strong..!”. .

When we arrived, we found a small plane that crashed on the golf course Penmar near the airport of Santa Monica,” said Erik Scott, a spokesman for the firefighters. Witnesses quoted by local TV station KTLA told that Harrison Ford had to be extracted from the airplane but managed to walk alone. TMZ published a photo of the rugged two-seater, yellow and silver. The engine and propeller seem to have disconnected from the rest of the aircraft because of the shock. The remainder of the apparatus appears intact.

Engine Failure

In the recording of a radio conversation between air traffic control and Harrison Ford, the actor is meant to say “Engine Failure” before requesting permission to perform an “immediate return” to Santa Monica Airport. The aircraft struck trees near several houses and a few hundred meters from the airport runway and crashed on the golf course. “I am sure that the pilot was happy that there is a golf course at this point,” said Patrick Jones, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the US-based aviation safety.

More visibly comfortable in command of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s famous flying this time a Ryan PT-22, a two-seat single-engine monoplane used to train American pilots during World War II. Harrison Ford was photographed with the same aircraft there a few days at Santa Monica Airport. The actor embodied Indiana Jones several times and it will be on show at the next episode of Star Wars: The Rise of the Force.