An air line skidded and went out of the track on Thursday at New York LaGuardia Airport, United States, before embedding itself against a barrier at a new snow storm affecting the region. Twenty-four people were injured, three of which were transported to the hospital, said a spokesman for the firefighters, saying it was all a “minor injuries”.

The firefighters said the plane had “slipped. The flight Delta 1086, with 125 passengers and 5 crew members on board, was flying from Atlanta and New York-LaGuardia. He got out of the track during landing, coming to rest against the barrier at the edge of the East River.

The federal authority to investigate transportation accidents, was en route to New York, and refuses at this stage “speculate on the causes” of this spectacular skid. All passengers have been able to leave the aircraft, including emergency slides, and were transported by bus to the airport terminal, said Delta, which does not mention injuries to her. Two planes had landed shortly before on the same track at LaGuardia, had said they could brake satisfactorily.

All closed tracks

Images of local television showed travelers calmly out of the McDonnell Douglas MD-88, with no signs of panic. After the accident, all airport runways were closed, said the Transport Authority New York and New Jersey. Earlier in the morning, the weather had forced the three airports serving New York to cancel hundreds of flights.

LaGuardia had canceled 40% of flights arrived, according to the specialized website Flightaware.com. This new snowstorm hit the Northeast Thursday and part of the south. Thousands of flights were canceled. An alert to the snowstorm was launched by the national weather for 29 million Americans, from Texas (south) to the island of Nantucket (northeast).