Ford is best known for its cars, but the American manufacturer is also working for several months now, on two wheels models. No question as to engage in the marketing of motorcycles, brand blue oval logo put rather on electric bikes. Two models were presented Monday.

Two bike but so similar. Ford has therefore not announced one but two electric bikes, from an internal innovation contest that saw 100 projects to be submitted by employees. These two models, named MoDe: Me and MoDe: Pro, intending to individuals for the first professionals to the second.

The MoDe: Me , which looks a bit like a big electric scooter, is for urban travelers who wish to move quickly in all circumstances. It folds and transports easily and Ford has even thought about a specific location in their cars for storage in the trunk.




The MoDe Pro is his deliveries or artisans who want to enjoy a fast city vehicle capable of carrying light loads. For example, a plumber, a delivery or doctor could do their tour leaving their car at a fixed location, which serve as their starting point. It is then that the bike path will continue, since the MoDe Pro can cling to the back of a utility vehicle.



Both devices weigh around 14 kg and it is possible to enjoy the electric pedaling assistance during about half past one. And speed? It is possible to achieve 25 km / h by using the electric motor 200 watts. An application for Better Travel in town To switch from one vehicle to another, Ford has developed an application (MoDe: Link, available on iPhone), which optimizes trips combining cycling, car and train. Each trip is offered with three modes and the tool also figure control screen for e-bikes. For these futuristic bikes also embark flashing a warning taillight brake and even vibrating handles to tell the user which direction to take.


It’s coming soon? The bad news is that Ford has not yet made ​​the decision to eventual commercialization of its futuristic e-bike. No price has also been mentioned by Ford, the American brand is given until the end of 2015 to choose whether or not she embarked on a growing market. In 2013, he sold in France and 56,000 bikes with electric assist (on 2.78 million bikes “classic”), an increase of 17% compared to the previous year.