Few billion years ago, it is on Mars have given large amounts of water. The ocean covered about one-fifth of the planet’s surface, NASA estimates. The water is later evaporated probably gradually into space. On Mars billions of years ago it was really wet. Of these astronomers of the American space agency Nasa believe after they have still water vapor present in the atmosphere of Mars using telescopes in Chile and Hawaii measured precisely.

According to the theory of the Red Planet was once covered with a primeval ocean, but the water gradually evaporated into space. The existing on Mars 4.5 billion years ago my water quantity the researchers to quantify exactly: So there were once five times as much water as spills today in the Mediterranean.

Sea at the North Pole

In other words: Uniformly distributed would be the amount of water – about 20 million cubic kilometers – Mars almost 140 meters high cover. Due to the uneven topography of the planet, the researchers suggest that the water at the time concentrated in the lowlands of the northern hemisphere, where it probably took nearly a fifth of the total surface of Mars.

For this extrapolation into the past, astronomers determined the current concentrations of water and so-called heavy water, in which the H₂O molecule contains a deuterium atom, and compared them with water molecules contained in a meteorite, which is known, that he comes from Mars. Given the amount of water on the young Red Planet is not excluded that there were primitive life forms there.