By 2020, this super-fast mobile Internet connection standard can surf faster. Why not reduce road accidents.

On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), taking place since Monday in Barcelona, ​​manufacturers have mostly unveiled the connected smartphone or watches. But to enjoy all the features of these ultra-connected devices, better pick up a Internet at very high speed. 5G mobile network standard that should be launched in the coming years will offer many uses and could include help improve road safety.

What’s the 5G?

After 2G (sometimes called Edge), 3G and 4G mobile Internet standard fifth generation will be called 5G. The idea is always the same: to offer a connection speed on his always faster smartphone. In this case, with 5G, download a high definition movie in full on their smartphone, will not take more than five seconds. Or up to thirty times faster than current 4G speeds.

Why do car manufacturers are interested. Besides the fast download, many uses are emerging for the 5G, which also included the automobile. For example, highway, if a car brakes suddenly, it can send a message to a few milliseconds after the car. They receive information and dampen automatically, thus preventing a pileup.

“Avoid risky situations.” Another situation that could be on the arrival of the 5G “In town, at a crossing, if visibility is obscured by a building, a vehicle that has just turned right and found black ice further down the road can send the information to the next car, “imagine Yves Bellego, responsible for network strategy at Orange. “It allows us to anticipate situations of risk, and increase safety, even when visibility is not very good for the driver,” analyzes for Europe 1 the leader of the tricolor operator.

It’s coming soon?

The applications of 5G are endless and in all areas, street furniture to the connected health. Many uses that should be democratized by 2020. But even he will be equipped with a device (smartphone, tablet or computer) compatible with 5G.