New Delhi. Nirbhaya documentary remarks against women two defense lawyers to the Bar Council of India (BCI) has issued a show cause notice. Defense lawyers said the organization issued advocate ML Sharma and AK Singh has sought clarification from the derogatory remarks against women.

BCI considered a clear case of professional misconduct

BCI chairman Manan Kumar Mishra said it was a clear case of professional misconduct. Following a meeting of its executive committee by BCI as a prima facie case of professional misconduct, both lawyers issued a notice under the provisions of the Advocates Act. If not satisfied with the response of the BCI both canceled their practice license may be made. Meanwhile, ML Sharma has just received the notice.

There is no place for women in our culture: Sharma

Indeed, the documentary by defense lawyer ML Sharma Nirbhaya controversial statement blamed the girl for rape incident. In the documentary, he said the statement confirming that you will keep on the road to sweet, so come for dinner only. Nirbhaya’s parents sent him why so late at night. He was not her boyfriend. Nirbhaya it was not the responsibility of the parents where he was going and with whom. Yes, I did say that Indian culture is best. There is no place for women in our culture.

Sister-daughter does so by putting the gasoline burns: AP Singh

However, the accused’s lawyer AP Singh said that a statement is very important that the girls want to go out at night, go with your parents or with male friends. He said even if he joins his sister or daughter involved in undesirable activities burn pouring gasoline on it. After dinner at eight thirty girls in our society with an unknown person, and are not allowed to go out.