Russia two men arrested in the murder of Boris Nemtsov



Moscow. Two suspects were arrested in connection with the investigation into the death of the Russian political opponent Boris Nemtsov, said the head of the security services.

Barely a week after the murder, two suspects were arrested in connection with the investigation into the death of Boris Nemtsov , said Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the security services. This week, the head of the FSB announced that several suspects had been identified . “Two suspects were arrested today in connection with the murder: Anzor Goubachev and Zaur Dada├»ev The Head of State was informed.”, Told state television Alexander Bortnikov. The two men from the Caucasus, he said, adding that the investigation was continuing.

Boris Nemtsov, the main political opponent of Vladimir Putin, was shot dead Friday, February 27 four balls. He was on a bridge close to the Kremlin, when a masked man came up and shot him in the back. His murder sparked a major emotion and tens of thousands of Russians expressed sympathy during demonstrations.

Putin designee. The regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been fingered as responsible for the death of the opponent. An investigative committee was set up immediately after the death of Boris Nemtsov. The investigators had said last week not to exclude any track to explain the murder: political crime, Islamist track – Boris Nemtsov had recently expressed its support for the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo – but a murder linked to the war in Ukraine .

The friend threatened Boris Nemtsov. The companion of Boris Nemtsov returned to Ukraine, the country of origin, after the assassination. On the premises at the time of the murder, the young Ganna Douritska says threatened. “On March 5, 2015, Ganna Douritska, witness in the murder of Russian opposition Boris Nemstov, visited Bila Tserkva police station in the Kiev region to declare that strangers had threatened death during his stay with his parents, “Does one could read in a statement.