Particularly cozy it is not in the sleep laboratory. In addition to the narrow bed in the bare room hang many cables and medical devices, a camera and all sorts of instruments. According to surveys, about one-quarter of adults suffer from sleep. More than ten percent of respondents experienced their sleep frequently or continuously as not restful. 50 different sleep disorders are previously defined.

The causes of sleep problems are manifold. They range from chronic stress over high heat in the bedroom, too much alcohol or nicotine, severe obesity to physical and mental health. Only a small proportion of those affected.

Some researchers see also evidence that people sleep in industrialized nations less and less. More and more is paid to efficiency and optimization of our time value. And now sleep is just it. With age, the need for sleep tends to decrease.

1. If you can, get up rather not go to sleep
A long lie awake in bed sleeping one unlearned. If you lie sleepless one or even two hours in bed, you automatically think after about anything. Eventually it would “brooding thoughts” that you can not turn off. “And thinking in bed is poison for sleep. In the bed must not think it.” Dear should get up and do something that is extremely boring and monotonous – read about the phone book. To see an exciting thriller on TV, on the other hand is not recommended.

2. Do not ever look at the clock
Many people with insomnia at night constantly look at the clock, because they are afraid to oversleep. “This makes them mentally active again. With each glance at the clock to solve brooding thoughts that make it an impossible to sleep.”

3. During the day, a lot of light
Light affects the hormone melatonin, which controls the day-night rhythm in the human body. Do not stand at least one hour a day before 16 clock outdoors, therefore, tells judge. In the bleak winter months here can help out a “light shower” , “The best way to have a lamp for the office table that you turn on in the morning”

4. Make Sports – regularly, but not too late
Exercise and sport are conducive to good sleep. About many older people were moving too little, among which the sleep could suffer. But Strenuous activities should not be done too late in the evening. Go to bed at least two hours before you should stop, because the brain and body need time to go down.

5. The bedroom should be dark and cool
When sleeping, it is best if it is quite dark – as in a cave. The temperature should range from 16 18 degrees. If it is too hot will you wake up. Hearing ‘comfort mattress firmness was “purely individual.” Good experience made many people with water beds. But if you have trouble sleeping, the water bed should not be shared with the partner you. Even if the partner snore heavily, perhaps separate beds are better.

6. Milk with honey instead of alcohol
A milk with honey before sleeping is recommended. The tryptophan contained in it is an important precursor of the sleep hormone melatonin. Other researchers say the amount in a glass of milk had no effect. A warm tea do it well. And alcohol? Beer makes known, but tired. “Against a glass of beer or wine three times a week is nothing. More should not but be.” For the swaying of the alcohol level can disrupt sleep. Too rich food shortly before sleep should not be.

7. Rituals and same times
Fixed bedtimes not only help children to sleep. A ritual can be useful. Approximately every night before brushing teeth, then listening to soothing music and then sleep.

8. Just go to bed tired
Many working people go to bed early because they have to get up early in the morning. But some can not even sleep then, because they are not yet tired easily. The time for which one is asleep, was also not significant. The first third of sleep is the most important thing. Then you are in deep sleep, which is important for example for the immune system. Whether you sleep before or after midnight, does not matter.

9. In the bed is just slept
The bed is only for sleeping or for sex there. People with sleep problems should not read in bed, eat, watch TV or learn. Reading is also intellectual work, the pickup back to thinking. Sex on the other hand is good for sleep. It promotes general relaxation.