The passage of Hurricane Pam on this archipelago could be one of the worst natural disasters in the South Pacific, with dozens of deaths and enormous destruction.
A violent tropical cyclone hit the Vanuatu archipelago and, as even partial information Saturday could be one of the worst natural disasters in the South Pacific, with dozens of deaths and enormous destruction. According to the Daily Telegraph , the death of six people is already confirmed. Other journalists speak of eight dead.

“Fifteen or thirty minutes of absolute terror,” this is how Alice Clements, an official of Unicef ​​on site, described the passage of Pam, a Category 5 hurricane (the highest) on Vanuatu, former colony jointly administered by France and the United Kingdom. “Initial information indicates that this natural disaster could be one of the worst in Pacific history,” wrote in a statement Maidaborn Vivien, Executive Director of the Unicef ​​New Zealand.

“We could see the dead, (there is) a potentially large number of deaths, but we do not yet know” what is the extent of the balance sheet, said Sune Gudnitz, head of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in the Pacific.

The UN has unconfirmed reports that 44 people have died in one of the provinces of Vanuatu, a poor archipelago of 270,000 inhabitants is the former Anglo-French Condominium of the New Hebrides. “It seems that there are very extensive destruction. There rubble in the streets and widespread flooding, ” according to Sune Gudnitz.













The extent of the destruction was impossible to evaluate Saturday, communications were cut off in much of Vanuatu when the cyclone hit hard archipelago in the night from Friday to Saturday with winds up to 330 km / hour.

Contrary to what was feared, Pam cyclone that happened Saturday in the east of the French archipelago of New Caledonia, 500 km west of Vanuatu, there was no casualties or major damage. But in Vanuatu was desolate. ” This morning, it is a total devastation show here, ” said Tom Skirrow, humanitarian organization Save the Children, from the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila. “The houses are destroyed, trees are on the ground, the streets are blocked and people roaming the streets to the emergency research, ” he has said, while electricity and communications were cut Saturday in much of Vanuatu.