Sarah, from Guingamp, went to study in Canada. During his absence, Athena, her faithful feline, disappeared. Thanks to the Internet, she found.

The Guingampaise Sarah Le Guern, 22, is studying psychology at Quebec (Canada).

Last February, while the student is already installed across the Atlantic for five months, Veronica, her mother called with bad news. “She announced that Athena, my cat was gone, explains Sarah. At 5,000 miles away, I did not know what to do. I had the internet. I put ads on the Bon Coin and I discovered Pet Alert on Facebook.

The page on the famous social network, allows you to post pictures of missing pets. Relay the other users.

The wait is long, but on February 20, the good news tomb. Athena was located 11 km from the family home in Goudelin. “She was skinny, full of fleas and ticks. People have collected, fed and cared for. »

Gooders, who took care of Guingamp feline, then saw the photo on Facebook. “I was so happy. My mother went to look for her. »

This summer, the student will return to his family in Guingamp. When will leave for Canada, it does not preclude taking Athena in her bags. “But already it does not support the car … then seven hours of flight! »