Smiley, a golden retriever born without eyes and suffering from dwarfism , grew up in a puppy mill. This is Joanne George, Stouffville, Canada, who saved the animal’s death two years later. Today, ten years after its adoption, his schedule is loaded.

The animal is dog effect of therapy for the local program Ambulance Therapy Dog St. John . Every day, it comforts and entertains patients in hospitals and nursing homes, or supporting children with reading difficulties in a library.

Source of inspiration

A job that perfectly matches the animal. For the owner, it was obvious to offer his company as a care means, share inspiration it can generate. Teddy, the patient in a nursing home, unable to communicate has witnessed Smiley donation. “One day, he put his paws in front of Teddy and it started to smile and make noise, says Joanne to CBSNews . All nurses rushed into the room. They had never seen this kind of reaction. ”

Smiley has changed the lives of hundreds of women, men and children. But after a decade of service to others, his mistress says he is slowly coming towards the end of his life. “He came to my first trust, he was the bearer of my covenant in my marriage. It also accompanied me during my pregnancy,” recalls Joanne, adding that Smiley “changed his life”. A painful thought mitigated by the fact that this good Samaritan is far from having a dog’s life.