Facebook has just acquired “TheFind”, a social platform for online trading.

The small project became huge, also known as the Facebook , apparently planning to set up more assertively in online trading. Recently, the US company and is testing a button “Buy” allowing advertisers to promote their products via the social network.

It does not stop there, judging by the information on the site MarketWatch teaching us that Facebook has bought “TheFind” for an undisclosed amount. Terms of the deal have likewise not disclosed.
“TheFind” Facebook attacks harder to trade online

If “TheFind” is not a name that speaks to you specifically, MarketWatch draws up a relatively complete definition: “a search engine scouring the web to offer consumers a personalized shopping experience based on their social profile and habits purchase ” . Suffice to say that Facebook integration is now a matter of weeks or a few months.

Integration (soon?) Running

We are told at the same time that “TheFind” created there of that nine years, will close its service. Several of his employees will also join Facebook to prepare the integration of “TheFind.” On its website , the company is delighted to join Facebook, the platform and resources should give him “the opportunity to extend [his] expertise in supplying products to over a billion people using the platform . ”