Crash in Argentina: The investigators analyzed the debris helicopters


Investigators began on Sunday the analysis of debris helicopters whose collision in Argentina has ten people, three stars of French sport participating in the reality show Dropped , they said.

“We completed the field work and begin the laboratory testing phase at the same time as the study of records, together with representatives of the Office of Investigations and Analysis for the safety of civil aviation (BEA , French body ), “said in a statement Accident Investigation Directorate of Civil Aviation (JIAAC) of Argentina.

An investigation “strictly technical”

The JIAAC recalls in his note that his investigation “has a purely technical aspect, leading to no conclusion on presumptions of administrative, civil or criminal on the facts.”

Argentines lead autopsy and identification in cooperation with French experts, according to judicial sources cited by the local press. To move forward as quickly as possible in the investigation, the federal judge Daniel Herrera has its home at the hotel Pircas Negras, in the town of Villa Union.