Crimea: There is one year, Putin was considering to alert nuclear forces



Putin appeared Sunday as the savior of the Crimea forced to deploy troops to prevent a “bloodless” and told he was ready a year ago to put on alert nuclear forces face a possible Western military intervention in the Ukrainian peninsula then part of Russia.

“We were ready to do it,” put on alert nuclear device face “the worst would have been able to turn the events,” said the Russian president, in a documentary aired Sunday night on the public television channel Rossiya 1, on the eve of the commemorations for the first anniversary of the “return” of the Crimea to the Russian fold.

Missile batteries that could deter a US warship

The filming of this documentary about three hours, excerpts of which were broadcast on March 8 , took eight months, according to the chain, which does not specify the maintenance record date with Russian President whose absence from public life since March 5, caused all sorts of speculation about his health.

The Russian army was also positioned in the Crimea coastal defense missile batteries “Bastion” weapons might deter a US warship which was then in the Black Sea to interfere, says Vladimir Putin. “It was not known then” if the West would intervene militarily, he said. “That’s why I was forced to give instructions need our armed forces, to give orders on the attitude of Russia and of our armed forces in all circumstances”.

“I do not think anybody wanted to trigger a global conflict”

“I talked with my colleagues (Western) and I told them it was our historic territory, Russians lived there, they were in danger and that we could not give up,” said Russian President. “It was a frank and open. And that’s why I do not think anybody wanted to trigger a global conflict, “he added.

The incorporation in March 2014, the Crimea to Russia, however, caused the worst diplomatic crisis between Moscow and the West since the fall of the USSR and armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, which has claimed more 6,000 dead.