Syria: John Kerry is considering talks with Assad



The United States have changed Sunday speech about the Syrian president, while the war that ravaged the country enters its fifth year. The idea of ​​negotiating its way, facing the advance of the EI.

An about-face. US Secretary of State John Kerry conceded Sunday that Washington should finally get along with Bashar al-Assad to end the conflict in Syria . “In the end, it will negotiate. We have always been for negotiations in the framework of the process (of peace) in Geneva I,” said John Kerry in an interview broadcast on CBS television.

This statement surprised. A spokesman for the State Department was quick to clarify that there was no change in the US position because, for the US, if negotiations were to take place, it would be with representatives of Syrian regime rather than with President Assad himself. “There is no future for a brutal dictator like Assad in Syria,” he wrote in a statement.

So far though, the Obama administration was more concerned about the fight against the organization Islamic state (EI), which controls whole regions of Iraq and Syria, and called consistently from Bashar el Assad.

Assad, a bulwark against EI?

While the Civil War came on Sunday in its 5th year, the Syrian regime is 100 times more deadly than the IE . “Assad has no place in the future of Syria,” has dealt a spokesman for the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sunday. Words that resonate with those of François Hollande, in early March, for whom it is “not a credible” .

Yet the idea of ​​negotiations with Bashar Assad is gaining ground. For Rachida Dati, for example, the offensive of IE is one reason to “think” a restoration of contacts with the Syrian president. An idea that now seems increasingly shared.