With iOS 8.2, Apple introduced two new applications to our iPhone (5 minimum): Apple Watch and activity. If the companion of Iceberg watch is clearly visible activity does appear however that when the smartwatch will be paired with your smartphone.

Until the release of the Tocante, Hamza Sood reached into the new version and was able to ask hands on the famous tablet. If one can already get a glimpse of some interfaces on the official website of Apple, catches offered by the developer allow to discover more about the application, which will offer two tabs on the main page, the first providing an overview of the physical activities a little over a month, and the second dedicated to the ” achievements ” , the rewards in the form of badges which will be released as and measuring our efforts.
” Activity ” will also offer a detailed view of his efforts of the day, in several appearances. This should be able to see the results of our sessions on classical curves and form of concentric rings , like the Apple Watch . These also enable to see at a glance how far we still have to go to achieve our goals of day.