To celebrate its 100 years, the South African, a follower of thrills, decided to bail out, and to encounter sharks. Nothing less!

Georgina Harwood, South Africa centenary keen on thrills , wanted to again celebrate its 100th birthday on Monday, when he offered a ride in the cage shark , a popular attraction in Cape Town. Decked out in a combination, it plunged into the sea and faced the terrifying sharks without even shaking. ” I’m so glad I did , she said, after being out of the water. It is a truly special experience in my life. I have not done anything comparable in my life ” .




Skydive was not enough for him

Yet there is just one day, Georgina Harwood already offered a crazy adventure again for its centenary, realizing his third parachute jump with 15 of his relatives. She made ​​her first jump , a few years ago, at the age of 92 years . The question is whether she planned other events of this kind in the coming days.