Observe the solar eclipse on Friday without proper protection could have irreversible consequences on the view. There are only a little time to find the latest eyewear. Our advice.

To watch in 1999 as the next eclipse solar safely, you must provide adequate protection. To observe this event in safe conditions, it is essential to bring glasses special protection completely opaque in normal light. It is important not to try to observe the solar disk with binoculars, photo or devices

Safety tips: Solar eclipse glasses disposable cost no more than Rs.150 or 200.On some online sites selling prices soar. Be vigilant.

– Solution 1: pharmacist and opticians
This is the first address where to go. Your pharmacist has can still be a few pairs. But hurry. Many pharmacies Tuesday were already out of stock.

– Solution 2: Some chain stores

Such as Nature and Discovery – recently replenished their stocks. The glasses are sold Rs.150.

– Solution 3: specialty shops in astronomy
They are generally better supplied in special glasses. Some astronomy related stores have to sell solar eclipse glasses.