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In the fall of 2014, it was discovered, now they will open: the free online payment function in the Facebook Messenger. Friends can use it to easily transfer money to each other – for the time being but only in the US.

Facebook has, as expected, announced a new online payment feature for his Messenger. Notes on such Payment Service had a hacker in October of last year, first discovered in Facebook Messenger .

Payment service in the Facebook Messenger: Easy and Free

“It is easy and free,” Facebook stressed in a press release on the occasion of the announcement of the new service. The feature is designed to enable future friends, comfortably and safely send and receive money. It is essential that Leave a credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

The free online payment service in the Facebook Messenger is supposed to be easy to use.

To send money, you have a friend clicked the dollar sign and the amount to be paid will be entered while chatting. The mixture is then pressed to “pay” and the credit card number, so it is not already preloaded. Subsequently, a PIN can be created. To receive money must be deposited on “Add Card” in a chat conversation a credit card.

Facebook Messenger: security professionals monitor transactions

To ensure safety, Facebook uses to encrypt the connections between users and Facebook. The payment data would be stored encrypted insured Facebook. The payment systems also are in a private, secure environment and would be monitored separately, such as by a team of specialists who could uncover suspicious activity.

The online payment feature in Facebook Messenger for PC and Mac, and iOS and Android will be rolled out over the next few weeks at a time – first time in the United States. Whether the payment service can prevail, must still have. Finally already exist numerous competitors such as PayPal and other peer-to-peer money transfer apps. In addition, users themselves must also set at Facebook’s payment service on waiting times between one and three days for the money to arrive on your own account.