Lufthansa cancels 750 flights due to a strike by its pilots



Seven hundred and fifty domestic and European flights on the planned 1400, Wednesday, March 18, the German airline Lufthansa are canceled because of a pilot strike. AlmostĀ 80,000 passengers should be allocated primarily to or from Frankfurt, in the west, and Munich in the south. German wings subsidiaries, Swiss and Austrian Airlines are not affected by this mobilization.
This date marks the twelfth and work stoppage movement Cockpit (PNT) since April 2014. The last day strike back to December 4 . The pilots’ union, Cockpit, is opposed to the project management to establish new retirement conditions for them. It will maintain the option of taking early retirement at age 55 with 60% of salary before reaching the official age, or 65 years.

The company tries to minimize the impact of social movements on its customers, by recourse to the responsible services knowing and organizing drive upstream of alternative transportation for its passengers. According to his spokesman, 20000 texting and 7000 mails were sent to inform passengers Wednesday of the social movement. Repeated strikes cost the group EUR 232 million in 2014.