In Pakistan , the death row were taken to the gallows and the authorities have carried out 12 hangings in just 24 hours.

While on death row in the United States suffer a lethal injection, those in Pakistan are conducted on the gallows to be hanged. The moratorium on this method was lifted last December and this statistic points to a record. This will probably not be the only ones to be killed in this way since Amnesty International believes that there would be around 8,000 people waiting for their deaths in prisons.

A record in Pakistan for 12 sentenced to death

However, the condemnation does not sign the death warrant because the prisoners in their possession several appeals, including the forgiveness of the families affected by the actions caused by these persons and the presidential pardon. Those who had no positive feedback for all applications are definitely sentenced to death and they wait out in prisons. There are currently 1000 people who expect a hanging. As to the reasons for the award was made, it is murder, rape or terrorism.

In Pakistan, 39 hangings carried out in 3 months

Some facts undertaken by those sentenced to death were not as recent cases dated back to the 90s The Pakistan authorities have decided this Tuesday, March 17, 2015 according to Agence France Presse directing 12 people on a gallows. They have not lost their lives in the same place, as two hangings took place in Karachi and Rawalpindi against eight in the east of the country. Some families had the opportunity to recover the bodies of convicts died. Since last December, 39 executions were ordered in Pakistan.