The 3D printers Carbon3D puts on a new printing technology that will accelerate the 3D printing up to 100 times. Instead of a conventional printing time of 3 to 12 hours the new printer in the ideal case takes only 6.5 minutes for a printing project. For Carbon3D relies on a new printing process called CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production).

Carbon3D: How it works

Instead of plastic together Add in layers, the new printer forms the object of liquid resin. When ultraviolet light strikes from a projector onto the resin, it hardens. On the bottom of the printer is an oxygen reservoir to keep the material from premature curing. Once the resin rises from the oxygen, the projector models the object in the desired shape. The new method allows better print quality is achieved by the manufacturer.

Fast 3D printing: In a year in trade

So far Carbon3D has made ​​only a prototype of the new 3D printer. It is not yet clear whether the 3D printer is also suitable for mass production. The company’s plan is ambitious yet: In about a year, the first printer to be sold to companies. One possible price is not known. Carbon3D was founded in 2013 in California, and is privately owned. After two years of work, the company went with his ideas to the public and put in Science Magazine before the new printing method. An overview of the current best 3D printer shows our video.